Friday, June 14, 2013

Soul What?! Playlist

Hey everyone!

To get everyone excited about the release of Soul What?! on June 16 (only 2 days away!) I'm going to do Soul What?! related posts on my blog to help you get a better feel of what the book is all about. When it comes to writing books I really like creating a playlist for a book that captures the essence of of the story. Soul What?! sort of takes place in the 90s, it's not mentioned anywhere in the book, but when I wrote Soul What?! the world was in the 90s. :) As a result a majority of these songs are 90s themed; boy and girl bands, bubblegum pop, and more! So without further ado;

Hey Juliet by LMNT

Mirror Mirror by M2M

The One by The Backstreet Boys

Only in the Movies by Diffuser

The Tide is High by Atomic Kitten

Can't Help Falling In Love by A*Teens

I'm Ready by Cherie

What's Good For Me by Lucy Woodward

(You Drive Me) Crazy by Britney Spears

I'll Never Break Your Heart by The Backstreet Boys

How Long by Dream

All Star by Smash Mouth

Crush by Mandy Moore

Us Against the World by Play

So Contagious by Acceptance

Each one of these songs plays some significance in the story Soul What?! Some of them describe a few of the characters, their relationships and struggles, the situations in the book, and so many different things about Soul What?! I cannot put it into words. Ignore some of the music videos, these were the videos that worked on the blog so hopefully they'll still work once this post is published. If Soul What?! was a movie (I'm just speaking hypothetically, don't worry I'm not getting way too ahead of myself here) then these songs would each represent different scenes within the novel. But the two main songs out of all of the ones mentioned above that I feel best represent Soul What?! are Hey Juliet by LMNT and So Contagious by Acceptance, and I had no idea I made them first and last in this list, that was unintentional. 

Only two more days!


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