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Hello Everyone!

My name is Noel but everyone has always called me Noellie so it sort of stuck with me. I'm 20 years old and a Junior in college, which has its fair share of ups and downs but I prefer to look on the bright side. I'm a hardcore optimist and I'm always looking for the bright side of the things. I love to draw, paint, read, write, knit and crochet (and no, not only grannies do that, needlecraft is cool ;]), roller skate, star gaze, give myself motivational speeches in the bathroom mirror, and of course book blog! And most likely...

I started this blog because I love reading and I want to share my love of reading with others. I came across the book blogging community awhile ago and just fell in love and felt that I had to be a part of the community one way or the other. However, I haven't always been the biggest fan of reading, there were times when I detested books (gasp! yes, tragic right?) In elementary I read the Junie B. Jones books and Judy Moody which were about the only literary things I would touch willingly. During middle school I went through that "I'm too old for everything" phase and didn't read a single book until the summer after eighth grade when I discovered Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. That book was the one that got me hooked on reading and I haven't been able to put a book down since. :) So thank you Stephanie Meyer. Don't get in a hissy fit saying you hate Twilight, because you know you liked the books. Just don't let the quality of the movie and the actors effect how you felt about the books. ;) ... Though I wasn't happy with Breaking Dawn's ending, but that's another story for another day.

I love writing novels and have for years. Back in elementary school I had written a whole novel and half of a sequel about an inevitable war between both sides of magic (good and evil) and the good magic creatures were led by the infamous Merlin :) prior to the "I'm too old for everything" phase (grumble...I wish time traveling was possible so I could knock some sense into younger me) and unfortunately I ripped it all up and threw it away thinking that I was horrible at writing. I didn't really write any other stories after that until freshman year of high school where I started writing a paranormal novel that is still unfinished. At the moment I have four novels in progress, but I have put three of them aside for the current book I'm working on. I've been working on this particular book for quite some time and I'm hoping to finish it up, edit, polish and hopefully get it published (whether traditionally or self published, we'll just have to see how things work out :]) sometime by the end of this year. So within my blog I'll be updating you guys about the progress of my book and eventually let you have a sneak peak of the first chapter and the synopsis and all that jazz ;).

I think I've said all I could think of to say...if you have any questions just feel free to ask and don't be shy I won't bite ;) unless you're made of broccoli or spinach... in that case I can't make any promises.

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