Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Safekeeping" - Book Review


Radley just wants to get home to her parents in Vermont. While she was volunteering abroad, the American People's Party took power; the new president was assassinated; and the government cracked down on citizens. Travel restrictions are worse than ever, and when her plane finally lands in New Hampshire, Radley’s parents aren’t there.

Exhausted; her phone dead; her credit cards worthless: Radley starts walking.

My Review:

With the peak of the dystopian young adult book genre in full swing a lot of  authors have followed a trend to appeal to the masses. Many of the stories have a young female protagonist going against some form of societal oppression whilst dealing with the overly-cliche love triangle-riddled plot-line. Safekeeping is not like that. Karen Hesse did a wonderful job going against the current and writing her own original dystopian novel.
Safekeeping is a story about taking initiative among uncertainty, survival, and the selflessness of taking care of your loved ones amid tragedy by putting their needs before your own. Radley was a character conjured with depth. Her thoughts and behaviors were ideal for a teenager being put into the situation she was put into, and not once did I feel like the author -an adult- was trying too hard to sound like a teenager. Hesse succeeded in making Radley real, flawed, and like-able.
This novel was definitely thought-provoking in making you wonder what you would do if you were put into the same situation. Personally, I probably would have done the exact same things as Radley. Compared to other dystopian novels out there, Safekeeping was the most plausible- in the way that it's much more likely for the United States president to be assassinated than for a zombie apocalypse or an invasion of cyborg mummies to occur. I enjoyed this book and would gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a light read. The beautiful photographs dispersed throughout the novel really brought the vivid journey to life. 


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