Thursday, February 28, 2013

A little update-de-doodlie-doo

Hey everyone!

So as you may well know I finished writing my novel (see post here) and am currently in the process of editing the crap out of it. Editing is no easy feat, I have friends reading the book and editing it for me (they are remaining neutral though, so they won't sugar coat anything for the sake of my feelings) and then I'll edit and revise some more until I feel like the book is chiseled, fixed, and polished to it's best.
I put a lot of work into this book, and for a very good personal reason. The original idea of writing Soul What?! came around when I really missed my sisters and the fact that I no longer could see them every day. They're my biggest critics and for as long as I remember they've listened to me tell them story idea after story idea and read chapters and writing to them to no end. For once I wanted to finish a story, and I did (but only the writing is complete) and they don't have a clue about it. This project has been about two years in the making, from brainstorm to written word, and the anticipation of them finally being able to read the book whenever it's published and ready to read is killing me. It's almost like an ache that's eating away at me, but it's the force that's driving me forward and telling me not to give up. So I'm going to continue to edit and work at this until Soul What?! is a real book they can hold in their hands.
The characters are almost like real people to me, I've spent so many hours and weekends pouring over my laptop, putting eye drops in my eyes, and scribbling scenes in class or whenever a scene idea came to mind at the most random of times. But it was all worth it. I know  it will be.
If my sisters like the book then I will be happy and feel like I accomplished something great. It wouldn't really matter if no one else in the world ever read the book, (I'm not trying to sound like a jerk and dismiss the world) I mean yeah I would really love it if people experienced the story too, but I would be content if my sisters are happy with it.
The editing process is about 1/8th done, there's still a lot to do. It's slow but steady but I'll get to the finish line soon enough.


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