Friday, March 29, 2013

One Year Blogiversary!

Hey everyone!

So in case you didn't read the title to this post, it's my one year blogiversary! :D

( I really want to contain my excitement so I don't sound like such a newbie haha)

I cannot believe that I have actually been book blogging for an entire year, it seems like I was a newbie only yesterday.
I feel that it is only appropriate that I write about my journey of book blogging for a year to celebrate this momentous event. Sure, there are book bloggers out there that have been doing this longer than I have, maybe even longer than I've been alive. But, I'm excited because I'm the type of person who doesn't do well with commitment, I can never stay committed to just one project at a time and end up giving up on old ones when I start new ones. However, I can proudly say I did it for a whole year and didn't quit or give up or abandon it to move on to others, and do not intend to for quite some time to come.
Through book-blogging I have grown. I've learned to see things in books and in different aspects of the written word that would've gone unnoticed before, and even how to do some pretty cool stuff on computers (like formatting pages, posts, and widgets, it makes me feel tech-savvy ;) ). I'm no longer as timid as I was when it comes to voicing my opinions and views, even if it's just about books. Still, before I would've been scared that the author would hate me for saying their book 'wasn't as good as I thought it would be', but now I'm not.
I have loved getting to know members of the book blogging community, both video book reviewers and blog-bloggers like myself. Within this year I've learned so much about blogging, reviewing, socializing, discussing literature, and even reading that I had not known before. Before book blogging I would never have dreamed of interviewing authors and talking to them about reviewing their books, but alas the world of book blogging opened up so many doors for me and I am humbled to know there is so much about the written word I do not know.
Books are a passion of mine and I love that I am able to share that love with you all. When I first started The Literary Forest I had only one follower who would comment on my posts occasionally or just read them, but I was grateful. I'm immensely grateful to you all who read my posts and sometimes nonsensical blathering, it lets me know I'm not sputtering out my opinions of books to an endless infinity.
I know that people generally do giveaways on blogiversary posts, but unfortunately I won't be able to since I'm spring-breaking overseas. There's always next year though! And maybe even half-blogiversarys! ;)

Thank you for going on this journey with me, here's to a year of book-blogging and hopefully many more to come!

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