Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Mockingjay" - Book Review


My name is Katniss Everdeen. Why am I not dead? I should be dead.

Katniss Everdeen, girl on fire, has survived, even though her home has been destroyed. Gale has escaped. Katniss's family is safe. Peeta has been captured by the Capitol. District 13 really does exist. There are rebels. There are new leaders. A revolution is unfolding.

It is by design that Katniss was rescued from the arena in the cruel and haunting Quarter Quell, and it is by design that she has long been part of the revolution without knowing it. District 13 has come out of the shadows and is plotting to overthrow the Capitol. Everyone, it seems, has had a hand in the carefully laid plains--except Katniss.

The success of the rebellion hinges on Katniss's willingness to be a pawn, to accept responsibility for countless lives, and to change the course of the future of Panem. To do this, she must put aside her feelings of anger and distrust. She must become the rebels' Mockingjay--no matter what the personal cost.

I was really anxious to read this book, being the final installment of the Hunger Games series. Out of all three of the books in the trilogy I liked this book second best after Hunger Games. It had a lot of racing action and tons of suspense. The details were really great and the imagery was outstanding, at certain points I could actually see what was going on, smell the smoke or hear the sounds of the muttations. This book kept me up all night until I passed out on the couch reading it. Mockingjay was a great ending to a phenomenal series.
However, there were some things I wasn't too thrilled about. I was really expecting Prim to finally have some depth added to her within this book because in the previous two books she seemed pretty two-dimensional even though she was really important to Katniss.
Some of the scenes felt really rushed, especially after something huge happened and then it felt like we were being pushed along to get somewhere else with little explanation.  When explanation was given after a quick shove it felt brief and not as in depth as I would have liked.The epilogue was so hasty and short it didn't really satisfy me or give enough closure to the end of the book, it kind of felt like we got a little flash of what happened and then poof it was over.
But regardless, I really liked this series and can easily say that I have never read any books like them and liked the Hunger Games books a lot. This is a story that will stick with me, and I cannot wait until the other movie adaptations come out.



  1. Glad you enjoyed this last installment Noellie :) !! Great review :)



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