Friday, May 25, 2012

Update - New Blog Title & More

Hey everyone!

So I've got some really great news. I just changed the name of my blog, it's something that I've been contemplating over for quite some time....It's just that 'Into The Literary World With Noellie' was quite a mouthful and not catchy at all. So the other day I saw a cool picture of a forest and thought 'huh, why don't I do something forest themed for a title?' and the gears in my mind got rolling and today it just clicked. Thus, The Literary Forest is the new title of the blog. Now I'm going to have to send out e-mails to the book tour groups I'm affiliated with and let them know so they won't get confused haha.

So not only is the banner new but I also finally made a visual rating system for the book reviews. It's not fancy and pretty simple but it's purple and it glitters! Woohoo.

Five Stars - I Absolutely Loved It

Four Stars - I Really Liked It

Three Stars - I liked it

Two Stars - It was Alright

One Star - I Didn't Like It

Or in other words I wanted to throw it across the room at a wall. But I have only given a book a one star for a review maybe twice... so hopefully I won't encounter another book deemed wall-toss worthy. There will be an In My Mailbox post coming up this week as well as a few other reviews AND the 'The King Must Die' Book Tour will be taking place next week! So stay tuned for some upcoming awesomeness!


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